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A note from Tyler Patterson, Founder and President of Ever Accountable

How Ever Accountable began

In June 2012, I asked my wife Sharleen to push the button to deploy Ever Accountable to the Google Play app store. Since then our company has released hundreds of improvements. This includes everything from small bug fixes to plugging loopholes to adding big new features. 

Today, I asked Sharleen to ceremonially push the button again, this time to deploy our 500th release (a bug fix) to the Play Store.

Ever Accountable has come a long way since 2012.

Screenshot of app from Google Play Ever Accountable 500th Android Release

Back in 2012, Ever Accountable was very limited. I was thrilled when it quickly became the highest-rated accountability app. Back then it was very basic – all it could do was report websites viewed in one web browser. 

Now, 500 updates later, it has improved a lot.

  • We added the ability to share activity inside all apps on the device instead of just the browser. 
  • We added optional screenshot sharing. 
  • We added safeguards which prevent the app from being uninstalled in a moment of temptation. 
  • We fixed many bugs and made countless small polishing improvements. 
  • On top of that, we also released it on other major platforms including iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

Our original goal was to build a great accountability app, but we need to think bigger.

Porn is causing incalculable suffering all around us. People are living in a fog of compulsive porn use. They try to quit using willpower alone, and they consistently fail.

They think something is wrong with them. Their families are suffering and sometimes breaking apart. People feel hopeless and trapped. It doesn’t need to be this way!

We envision a world where every single person is empowered to overcome porn.

Every single person should have access to the best help possible! The best accountability and porn-blocking software. The best online recovery program, support community, and professional therapist if needed, all delivered through a smartphone in an affordable and accessible way. 

Our new goal is to make all of this a reality! 

There is so much to do. We’re working on an entirely new version of Ever Accountable that will incorporate both accountability and porn-blocking (for those who want it). It will detect porn in seconds and guide you to get free from it. 

We’re also improving our online recovery program that helps to get porn out of our hearts. We’ve translated most of our apps into 21 additional languages to be available to those who need them.

The hardest part is getting the word out about Ever Accountable!

Porn is still a taboo topic. And too many people think that they are hopeless because their white-knuckle efforts to quit porn keep failing.  People need to know that accountability is crucial. That they need to be open with at least one other person about this.

14-Day Free Trial

Protection From Pornography

Change your habits, change your life: Start our 14-day free trial to help get rid of pornography for good.

You can help!

If you meet someone who is struggling with pornography, consider talking to them openly about your experience – about the need to be accountable. Share how amazing it feels to be free from porn.

I believe that quitting porn changes every aspect of a person’s life for the better. 

There is no better feeling than making a difference for good in the life of another person. 


Tyler Patterson

Founder and President, Ever Accountable

NOTE: This is just the 500th release of Ever Accountable for the Android app. It does not include all the other releases we’ve done for our apps on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebook, or Kindle, or our porn blocker app, or especially on our backend server system. The total would be in the thousands if we counted all of those.

14-Day Free Trial

Protection From Pornography

Change your habits, change your life: Start our 14-day free trial to help get rid of pornography for good.