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In the name of sexual freedom, some people say porn is sex positive. 

But that’s not how Amu experienced pornography when it took hold of her life in her pre-teen years.

Breaking the bondage of porn: Amu’s story interview

We’re honored to introduce Amu, a young South African woman lighting up YouTube as she tells her story of breaking the bondage of porn in her life. 

Today Amu is boldly sharing more of her story with us because Ever Accountable made a difference in her life.

Most of all, Amu is passionate about helping people find freedom from porn, too.

“So many young people are in bondage to porn today,” explains Amu.

The remarks in the (800+) comment section of Amu’s video proves her point!

She touches on a private, painful struggle for many. That’s why her story is making ripples in South Africa and beyond. 

Here’s what Amu would like you to know. If you’re a teen girl (or guy) struggling with porn, you can break free, too.  “It is possible. It IS possible!” Amu’s encouragement is contagious.

Battling with pornography as a Christian teen

Amu, how old were you when you first were exposed to porn?

“I was about 12, and like a lot of girls, I enjoyed watching YouTube. So, I don’t even know how I stumbled across this guy named Chris who had lots of YouTube videos of him kissing girls. 

Now that sparked a deep sexual curiosity in me. I ended up down a dark rabbit hole. And that’s where porn found me – on YouTube.” 

Curiosity about your body and sex when you’re hitting puberty is perfectly normal. But porn inflamed that curiosity, right?

“Yes, and it happens so easily. You can Google so many different things and accidentally find porn.

I knew that boys around me were watching porn, but I really didn’t want to watch porn.

At first, I didn’t even know what porn was all about.”

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So what happened next? I’m assuming from your story on YouTube that as a young teen girl you kept watching porn.

“I didn’t tell anyone I was watching pornography. I felt ashamed. 

When you first see porn, you immediately know it’s wrong. 

I mean – you know this if you have any moral compass. Like I said, I heard boys I knew talking about porn. 

But I felt like, well, I’m weird! 

I’m a girl, and I’m watching porn! Girls don’t do that!”

What made you want to quit secretly using porn as a teen? What was your biggest reason?

“I’ve been a Christian for many years. But I got to the point where I was watching porn more and more.

I couldn’t even go a week without watching porn!

My biggest reason for quitting porn was that I began to realize how much it was affecting my relationship to God.

I could go weeks without praying or reading the Bible. 

Porn was suffocating me. I felt caged! I was in bondage to this sin. 

I felt so isolated, so much shame!”

Battling with pornography as a Christian teen is a unique challenge. What helped you find freedom?

“My youth pastor actually did a talk about porn! And he told us about Ever Accountable.

That’s so amazing and good. I was blessed, because I’m hearing from a lot of young people in the comment section on my YouTube now

No one is talking to them about porn here.

 And there are SO many young people watching porn. It’s a real problem.”

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If you could see me, I’m almost sitting on the edge of my seat as I listen. What happened next?

“I knew God wanted me to be free from this bondage to sin. Also, I knew I had to confess to someone. That was hard.

And I’m not going to lie.

The first week or so was extremely difficult for me. I was used to watching porn every week. But when I installed Ever Accountable, just knowing someone would see what I was typing made a big difference. ( Note: Amu’s chosen accountability partner…)

I was so sick of porn’s hold on me. I did not want to stay this way.”

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How does it feel when you tell a chosen accountability partner about a porn habit?

“Well, you’re afraid at first and ashamed. You feel like you will be judged.

But my friend was so supportive. That was freeing. 

And, also if you tell your parents, you’re maybe afraid they’re going to shout at you or harshly judge you.

I only recently told my mom after I made my YouTube video. But she was actually so supportive and kind!”

How did Ever Accountable help you break the bondage of porn?

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Knowing someone would see what I was searching helped so much.

It was a game-changer!

The emails you get regularly are very encouraging, too.  They help you understand how to fight porn. 

And when I couldn’t afford Ever Accountable, I fell backward for a little bit again.

But I was so sick of porn’s hold on me, and I had tasted freedom.

So I started taking tough measures against myself.

Ever Accountable trained me to know my triggers and avoid them.

I used to love watching “How I Met Your Mother”, but that was triggering for me, so I stopped watching that show. 

If something is even slightly triggering, I avoid it, even now. I am SO tough on myself.

Celebrating small wins was another thing I learned from Ever Accountable.

I celebrated one week porn free, two weeks, and so on!

I learned to celebrate those victories. That’s so empowering.

And now, it’s wonderful to be FREE. I never want to go back! I thank God for this!

Amu's YouTube: sharing the power of accountability with others.

Yes, I really want to help other people to break the bondage of porn!

That’s where my YouTube videos come in. 

Also, I started a private online community, and we really support each other.

If someone is struggling, there’s usually someone online they can talk to in their weak moment.

Helping Others Break the Bondage of Porn

Amu, we’d like you to know that we admire you.

Thank you so much for sharing with us today! We’re inspired by your faith, bravery, and your bold actions against porn.

Your story can touch and empower a generation for good. You ignite hope for others.

And we agree totally with you. Change – lasting change – is possible.  Choosing an accountability partner is a big step toward freedom.
We’re here to help as many as possible find freedom from porn today!

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