20 Sep
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Does self accountability work during porn recovery?

Posted by The Team at Ever Accountable | For Men, For Women, How to, Pornography Facts

Should you assign yourself to be your own accountability partner? This might seem like a strange question.However, choosing self-accountability and creating your own accountability partner…

11 Apr
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Teens on Social Media – An Instagram Safety Guide for Parents

Posted by Julia Daniels | Children and Porn, Pornography Facts, Prevention

Are your young teens on social media platforms like Instagram? If so, do you wonder how to help your teen use Instagram safely?At what age…

04 Oct
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Porn, Your Privacy, and ‘Shameware Apps’: What Ever Accountable Wants You to Know

Recently we've been publicly reprimanded by Wired magazine for having a zero tolerance policy for porn (alongside our competitors, Covenant Eyes and Accountable2U). They’re not wrong! We’ve…

16 Aug
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Porn Industry Secrets — what they don’t want you to know

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Families, For Men, For Women, Pornography Facts

Is legal sex work actually safe and empowering for both porn actors and viewers? So we’re told.  But there are porn industry secrets you should…


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